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About Us

ZOOM Information Systems develops transportation software and systems solutions for City, County and State governments, DOTs and the traveling public. This includes both on-board and back-end development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Vehicle Connectivity and Tracking Systems (AVL), Imaging-Based Infrastructure Data Collection and Analysis Tools and The Next Generation Rest Area technology platform. We focus on the following areas: 
  • Real-Time Transportation Data Gathering, Fusion and Analysis
  • Fleet Vehicle Connectivity, Tracking and Management (AVL)
  • Highway Infrastructure Imaging and Data Collection
  • The Next Generation Rest Area

ZOOM is creating and driving the new science of Transportation Informatics (“now that vehicles are spewing data all over the highway, what are we going to do with it all”).

In addition to product development, ZOOM also provides contract and consulting services to help agencies and companies create leading ITS, AVL and Transportation solutions.  ZOOM staff have been involved in the creation of some of the most successful systems on the market today. 
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