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The ZOOM ARTIIS data gathering and analysis platform is the basis for a feature-rich fleet vehicle interaction and tracking solution we call TerraFleet.  TerraFleeta is an extremely customizable application that allows a fleet manager (city, county, state, commercial, etc.) to not only know where all the vehicles are in real-time, but what they have been doing.  The ZOOM hardware and software communicates with the vehicle to obtain detailed status which can be used for many different purposes such as:
  • Speed and mileage reports
  • Vehicle idling and operating vs. non-operating reports
  • Real-time geo-fencing alarms (vehicle outside of proscribed area)
  • Vehicle usage reports (e.g. Was the vehicle moving when the boom was extended?)
  • Streets Shoveled / Swept
  • Closest vehicle to an emergency
  • Many more customizable reports and alarms

Data can be integrated with existing or new work order management systems as part of a two-way communication between the vehicle/driver and the fleet manager or back end IT infrastructure. 

The TerraFleet vehicle-based hardware platform varies depending on the capabilities of the vehicle and needs of the user.  Many communication options are available to optimize cost and functionality.
Additionally, The TerraFleet system is implemented with applications operable on various handheld devices including the Android.
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