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ZOOM has developed a universal channel to enable the collection, storage, and sharing of real-time transportation information (ARTIIS). The ZOOM channel is a framework for applications that will reliably and securely collect real-time transportation data and transform that data into actionable information and knowledge for many applications including: driver information, traffic management, roadway condition and repair, operations, public safety and crash prevention, fleet management, law enforcement, homeland security and defense.

The ARTIIS Architecture is the backbone for ZOOM development and future integration into ITS systems including VII. The goal of the architecture was to provide a robust framework for the ARTIIS Channel and empower applications built on this channel. The solutions to specific challenges faced by VII and other commercial systems were addressed in this design.

  • A standard format and transmission mechanism for real-time transportation information
  • A universal framework for defining and implementing VII Data Strategies and Applications
  • A method to gather and disseminate transportation information in rural areas
  • A method to quickly and inexpensively survey road condition, real-time traffic and weather data
  • A method to efficiently and inexpensively track and communicate with a variety of vehicles for DOT/DHS/Public Safety, etc.
The following diagram illustrates the ARTIIS architecture.
ARTIIS creates a standard interface with pervasive access to real-time transportation information, enabling the collection of data from vehicles, and the creation of information about those vehicles. ARTIIS is a universal channel for Intelligent Transportation Systems data, a standard framework for the collection, analysis and distribution of real-time transportation information and a standard platform for application development. ARTIIS is the ideal test-bed framework for defining and implementing VII (Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration) Data Strategies and Applications. ZOOM has achieved several innovative features around our ARTIIS data core. These include…
  • Core data store is platform independent
  • Integrates GIS, Imagery and Real-time data
  • Distributed node architecture with virtual core data pipe
  • XML/Web Services and .NET support for application programs
  • Legacy and third party data source integration
  • Manipulation ó Transformation ó Core layered approach provides virtual data paths between applications with distinctively different data shapes
  • Virtual data paths provide easier coordination between client apps
  • Real-time “Hot” data paths provide large scale and highly dynamic input to the data stores without breaking the transactional model (i.e. preserves data integrity) 

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