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ZOOM Mobile Mapping / ImagingZOOM in conjunction with its sister company Lambda Tech International, is pleased to offer the GPSVision™ system.  GPSVisionTM is used to collect digital images along highways and other right-of-ways while traveling at posted speed limits. These geo-referenced digital images are used with ZOOM's imaging software and Lambda Tech’s unique Feature Extraction Software to position and measure physical features, such as curb lines, traffic signs, manholes, pedestals and building locations. The georeferenced digital image data and the position and attribute data of the features are stored in a simple format that can be used in standard GIS systems.  Once the processed data is loaded into the target GIS, the data is easily displayed in map format, analyzed and/or manipulated utilizing GIS database query functions. A typical client can use this data to accurately position items of infrastructure, develop base maps or view image data directly from an operator’s personal workstation in the vehicle or in the office.

Want details? Look at our GPSVision™ Technical Overview

Mobile Visual Imagery gives you:
  • Fast data collection: driving speed vs. walking. Typically a route is walked at a rate of approximateZOOM Image Geo-Referencingly 3 miles per day per individual; if not too many individual GPS points are required. Mobile data collection occurs at 100+ miles per day depending on terrain. Let's see...how many people would I need walking to collect data to equal that?
  • Flexibility: ALL items of infrastructure within the cameras' field of view are visible and measurable. This means that you can use only what you need right now for a current project, then go back and pick up additional information about terrestrial objects for some other project. For example, if your organization is a municipality that wants to inventory, say, bus stops for project A, you can concentrate only on bus stops now. Later, when project B asks you to record fire hydrants and utility poles, you simply revisit the data already collected and perform extraction of those features, right at your PC.
  • The visual frame of reference is what the human eye would see driving down the road or railroad as opposed to the "bird’s-eye view" of aerial photography. If you can see it, you can measure it and record required attributes.
  • Faster, more cost effective than aerial photography. Mobile data collection cData Intergation with Your GIS Programan be conducted even when tree canopies and weather conditions prevent aerial data collection, and for one-half the cost.
  • Measure anything you can see on the images.  Very useful for Public Works, Public Safety, Assessment, Highway maintenance, etc.
  • Create GIS Databases and CAD Maps: The information captured can easily be downloaded into most GIS formats. Common applications for the data include terrestrial inventories for utilities, municipalities, railroads and engineering concerns of many kinds. Any time it is important to exactly position features on the earth, measure distances between them, or view a particular setting, GPSVisionTM and Feature Extraction are the answer.
  • More than a Map: In addition to traditional paper documents, which can be created easily from the data, you now have a frame by frame visual representation of your exact route, just as if you were driving it. ImImage Integration with Google Mapsagine the enhanced perception!
  • Integrate Georeferenced image data into your application: All images are georeferenced with extemely high precision and can be integrated into your GIS system or other location-enabled application.  Integration into the most popular mapping programs are available (see Google Maps example).
How Do You Analyze and Use All The Data ZOOM Collects?
Click here to find out about our ICON Infrastructure Management solution.
What Else Can We Do With These Images? - ZOOM Strip Mapping
Getting a High-Resolution Bird’s Eye View from Your On-The-Ground Imaging.ZOOM Strip Maps Creates the Detail You Need
Our new software can take those on-the-ground images and transform them to make it appear as if they were taken from directly above, building a highly accurate image reference through transformation, registration and compositing.
  • Millimeter zoom-in 
  • Extremely accurate asset positioning
  • Detailed asset condition inspection
  • Integrates with GIS and orthophotography
Put It All Together - The QUICK and AFFORDABLE Way to Manage Your Assets
  • Know what you have
  • Plan what you need
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase maintenance efficiency
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Reduce your liability
  • Share data easily

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