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ZOOM develops Transportation Informatics solutions for City, County and State governments. Our solutions include: Data gathering and analysis from vehicles as part of fleet management, infrastructure management and traffic management; and Real-time traveler information to drivers via Rest Area technology platforms and in-vehicle telematics devices.


Real-Time Transportation Data Gathering, Fusion and Analysis

Developed with help from a $2.75M grant from the State of Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, ZOOM developed the Advanced Real-Time Transportation Infrastructure Information System (ARTIIS). ARTIIS is an architecture and tool that deals with the problem of how to collect and make sense of data gathered from different vehicle and transportation infrastructure sources, fusing the data into standard “buckets”, analyzing the buckets and providing the information to users in standard ways.

Fleet Vehicle Connectivity, Tracking and Management

Fleet AVL and tracking solutions are prevalent in many industries today to let managers know WHERE their vehicles are. ZOOM is stepping up that functionality a couple of notches by interacting with the vehicles to also let you know WHAT they are doing. Integration with the ARTIIS architecture enables a whole new level of “conversation” with your fleet and enables applications that save money and time and increases efficiency and responsiveness.

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Mobile Mapping and Imaging

Highway Infrastructure Imaging and Data Collection

Geographic Information Systems and Data-Rich Maps are being integrated into the important operational processes of many city, county and state governments and organizations. ZOOM’s mobile mapping vehicles allow an enterprise to very quickly and precisely locate and collect data about anything that can be seen from the highway. This data and the associated geo-encoded images can be integrated into an organization’s GIS environment or used in many other ways with ZOOM image and data analysis products.

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ZOOM Travelers Information Network

The Next Generation Rest Area

Many State DOTs are starting to look at more innovative ways to use Rest Areas. ZOOM has developed a Rest Area program that cross-leverages its ARTIIS-based technology platform with Wi-Fi and other communication technologies to improve traveler information and services to the DOT and other government agencies. The Next Generation Rest Area is also heavily focused on advancing State tourism and economic development with advanced Location-Based-Services.
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