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For State DMVs


You're a DMV.  Why should you care about Motor Vehicle TV? 
We'll tell you why...
  • You're customers love it!  ...and suddenly they're not thinking about the wait.
  • Increase revenues!  ...advertise vanity plates and other money making options.  
  • Increase efficiency!  ...by displaying our (or you own) queue on the screen
  • Communicate important information!  ...in real-time (weather, Amber and homeland security alerts) plus DMV notices.
  • Make the brand your own!  ...name it, design it, make it fit into your branch look and feel.

  • Use it as an internal training and communication tool!  ...with video or textual content that can be centrally distributed.
  • No disruption to operations!  ...channel the sound to well you want it or don't have sound at all.

...and best of all...

  • It's cost is offset with an advertising-supported business model that customers actually like.
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